The Sunyata Group consists of a co-related group of four partner organizations that operate as a “Collaboratory”: 

1) Sunyata Association 501(c)(3) – Public Benefit Charity managed by Mark R. Jones, Ph.D.

2) Sunyata Foundation 501(c)(3) – Private Foundation managed by Mark R. Jones, Ph.D.

3) Sunyata Agency, Inc – (SAI: WA State OMWBE-certified M3M0024783) managed by Mark R. Jones, Ph.D.

4) Integral Wellness Services – (IWS: OMWBE-certified M3F0025071) managed by Candi S. Foon, Ph.D. Candidate

Whether focused on promoting individual and community health and wellness, or focused on developing high performance teams in organizational systems, Sunyata Group members work to co-create a sense of belonging, ensuring everyone feels heard, seen, and loved.

Health Promotion & Wellness

Candi S. Foon

Hugh Brent Solvason

Organizational Systems

Sunyata Group also retains a cadre of Master’s and Ph.D.-level practitioners ⏤ Jedi ⏤ that have been educated and trained by Dr. Mark R. Jones and/or are practitioners that have advanced the practices of Beloved Community. Since 2016, Jedi have been meeting regularly to advance the understanding and manifestation of Beloved Community / Communities.

Jedi Practitioners

Mark R. Jones

Closeup photo of Deb Needham

Deborah Needham

Tim Runge

K. Alexandra Onno

Carol Jakus

Jeff Wareham

Jennifer Herron

Shamso Issak

Leslie R. Boyter

Constellations of Beloved Communities

Sunyata Group entities partner with community, non-profit, government, and commercial sector Clients, Program-Project Developers, and Researchers (both individual and institutional) to build, operate, and sustain Constellations of Beloved Community. These Constellations of Beloved Communities are made up of high performance teams working to achieve enlightened leadership, generative lifestyles, inclusive economic development, systemic well-being, and cultural and environmental infrastructure development.

Interested in building Beloved Community with us?