Sunyata Partners

The three partners of The Sunyata Group are Mark R. Jones (Ph.D.), Candi S. Foon (M.Sci.), and Anne E. Stadler.

Mark R. Jones, Ph.D.

Mark R. Jones, Ph.D. is the Founding Partner of The Sunyata Group, serving concurrently as the Chairman, CEO, and Research Director of all of the Sunyata for-profit and non-profit entities. Dr. Jones is a leader, educator, researcher, systems architect, and artist specialized in Leadership Innovation & Efficacy | Multi-cultural Engagement & Fluency | Relational Development & Effectiveness. He achieves sustainable relational and economic results by developing, leading, and cultivating multi-culturally competent high-performance teams, organizations, and communities. His specialization is leadership psychology and performance optimization using the integration of emotional-social-cultural-cognitive-organizational competencies with process and quality improvement approaches. He provides leadership, mentoring, coaching, and consultation on high-performance team development, (multi)cultural analysis and design; organizational development; transformational technology analysis, and performance optimization. He has provided over a billion dollars in cost savings, cost avoidance, and/or revenue generation for his clients/employers/sponsors. He is a regional-level Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) examiner, senior member and past Chapter Vice-President of Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), and a Vice Chair in the Human Development and Leadership division of the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Dr. Jones is Senior Executive with over 35 years entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial leadership and performance optimization experience. He has over 25 years of fulltime professional experience, including 5 years fulltime experience serving at a senior executive level — CEO / Executive VP / Corporate VP / CIO / CTO / CTA — in organizations with annual budgets of $100M or greater, and in non-profit and elected and/or appointed positions. He has over 10 years international experience, and over 10 years educational experience: Saybrook University (Professor | Director), Goddard College (Board of Trustees Vice Chair | Corporate Secretary), Antioch University (Campus Board of Visitors | Consultant | Adjunct), Seika University (Program Director | Lecturer), Western WA University (Instructor), University of WA (Lecturer), Morris-Brown College (Lecturer), and Boeing (Instructor). He has over thirty-five years experience in leading, developing, and/or implementing effective diversity, inclusion, and equity programs. He has facilitated over 1000 events (meetings, workshops, and conferences) that optimize personal and/or organizational development since 1983.


⎯ Ph.D. Organizational Systems, Saybrook University; 2015
⎯ M.S. Management, Antioch University - Seattle; 1996
⎯ B.A. Systems Analysis, Western Washington University; 1978
⎯ High School Diploma, Meadowdale High School; 1975 (at age 16)
⎯ 3000+ hours Technical | Management | Executive | Community Capacity-Building Training
⎯ 100,000+ hours Formal Leadership Study, Research, Training and Practice
⎯ 25000+ hours Music Performance | Composition | Teaching Training Sessions
⎯ 25000+ hours Sports-Specific Training
⎯ 3600+ hours Sports Coaching Experience — including Coach Certifications
⎯ Eight years Sports Officiating Experience — including Referee Certifications
⎯ Fifty years of Spiritual Training and Practice — including over thirty years Teaching
⎯ Ten years website development and maintenance using web design and CMS tools


Dr. Jones is a chief systems architect, researcher, and educator dedicated to studying, applying, leading, and teaching the personal and organizational competencies, practices, and repeatable processes required for organizations to be resilient (readiness-for-change) and successful as measured by Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Primary analytic strategy is adaptive design approach (inferior treatment groups) employing mixed methods designs using qualitative context and content analysis techniques, and quantitative clustering and classification techniques such as Binary Logistic Regression Analyses, ANOVA, Repeated Measures ANOVA, Multiple Regression Analyses, Discriminant Analyses, Decision Tree Classification Analyses, Bayesian Analyses, and Scale Equivalency Testing.

01/2004 to Present — Sunyata Group —

CEO—Chief Systems Architect & Applied Behavioral Researcher: 2004-Present
Conduct research programs addressing critical business and cultural issues (“wicked problems”) — with an emphasis on leadership development, transformative technology, and health and wellness. Focus on programs and projects that represent patterns that predict or lead to extinction-level issues and/or the collapse of complex interconnected systems. Develop and/or work on local, regional, and international coalitions on healthcare, sustainability (climate change), compassion (peace movements), education, and leadership development. The leadership development research identifies and prototypes the physical-emotional-social-cultural-cognitive-organizational (PESCCO) competencies necessary for achieving multi-context leadership mastery (fluency). Participant roster includes polymaths, current and former US Olympian and/or National Team members, and military and education experts. The health and wellness research provides ongoing idea sharing with healthcare and wellness providers to produce analysis and findings results that identify systemic issues, wicked-problems, predicted outcomes, and potential behavioral solutions. Over ten years researching health and wellness — resulting in the development of frameworks, architectures, and behavioral dynamics models that explain healthcare and wellness systems issues in North America, Europe, Japan, and India. Performed research and consulting with: Washington Health Foundation (Seattle) — “Healthiest State in the Nation” Initiative; GrowTalent (Delhi, India) — East Bangladesh Healthcare Initiative; Bastyr University (Seattle) — Wellness Center exploration; and GlaxoSmithKline (UK) — Proposal for Comprehensive Corporate Wellness Non-Residential Program. Efforts led to an invitation by Nobel Laureate Dr. Lee Hartwell to participate in the 2007 Pacific Health Summit. Developed proposal for EHR interchange using EDI concepts. New wellness research project being initiated to investigate the efficacy of adaptive therapeutic yoga combined with community-building for improving quality-of-life of geriatric, chronic pain, and disabled sample populations.

09/2010 to 09/2015 — Saybrook University —

Director & Faculty (LIOS Leadership & Organization Development Masters Program)
Led and developed LOD faculty effectiveness, assuring consistent and high-quality curriculum delivery across programs; engaged strategic conversations to develop greater presence in the marketplace and attract interest by leaders, managers and consultants. Led LIOS-wide process improvement efforts. Designed, led, and implemented major revisions to mission and curriculum based on market feedback for short residencies and Coaching and Lean certifications. Completed five-year task in 6 months by establishing and leading a cross-functional team of faculty, administration, founders, alumni, current students, and consultants. Developed strategic vision and plan, and new syllabi and course materials. Developed LIOS strategic partnership plan (Corporate and Educational Partners), and “Memorandum Of Understanding” for a partnership with School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) in India. Led LOD Department through WASC accreditation process.

Designed and taught LOD courses in: Leadership Psychology (Group Membership, Group Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Emotional-Social-Cultural Intelligences, Organizational Trauma, and Conflict Management); Systems Thinking (Theory, Application, Practicums); Research & Informatics (Ethics, Critical Thinking, Epistemology, Theory, Methodologies, Statistics & Informatics, and Practicums); Optimization & Innovation (Innovation, Process Management, Lean Theories, Tools and Practices, and Practicums); Organization Development (Strategic Leadership, Sustainability, Change Management, Cross-Functional Teaming, Executive Coaching, Training, Facilitation, and Consulting Theory In Action); and Leadership Mastery Capstone (Leadership Conference and Education Workshop). Designed and embedded formal research assignments into course segments: Reflective Analysis Research Essays (Phenomenological Research); Team Action Research Project (Positivistic Research); Individual/Internship Action Research Project (Positivistic Research); Optimization & Innovation Projects (Positivistic Research); Individual Training Research Project (Phenomenological & Positivistic Research); Practitioner Theory Paper (Phenomenological & Positivistic Research); and Emotional-Social-Cultural-Cognitive-Organizational (ESCCO) 360 Competency Assessments. Designed and taught social entrepreneurship, business entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship for pursuing innovative solutions to social problems and maximizing economic profit while optimizing individual and organizational health and wellness. Supervised student-designed and implemented start-up B-Corps (Benefit corporations). Students learned C-Suite practices, and launched and operated start-up and spin-off companies including: filings (Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws); operating agreements; and Triple Bottom Line accounting frameworks, marketing plans, growth plans, and investor plans. Taught, mentored, and served as research supervisor to executives, managers, and consultants.

06/2000 to 12/2004 — Science & Engrg. Associates (SEA) —

CIO & EVP of SEA IS Inc. | Chief e-Business Officer & CTO DoN SPAWAR ITC | CEO Quest Technology
Worked with Naval flag officers, Senior Executive Service (SES) personnel, GS-14 and GS-15 directors, contractor executives, and elected politicians and staffs to identify IS/IT priorities, develop joint and individual initiatives, plans, and strategies, and design and implement solutions using best management practices. As CTO, co-managed a labor base of 700 contractors with an annual budget of $140 million — identified $90 million dollars cost savings for client, and generated $12M of new operating division revenue. Also served as the Chief Architect for the Navy SPAWAR Information Technology Center (SITC). As SITC Chief Enterprise Architect — sponsored, managed, and facilitated the effective use of multi-agency-level IT policy and standards formulation and governance in support of the Navy N1 CIO. As SITC CTO — led integration task order for DoN N1 legacy systems migration — including multi-data center integration onto SITC cloud and DoN Taskforce Web. Served as CEO to Quest Technology (an SEA subsidiary) focusing on HL7 EHR systems implementation and archive digitization in partnership with the DOE and University of Nevada, and nuclear waste disposal strategies with DOE (Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository | Sandia National Lab).

01/1980 to 06/2000 — The Boeing Company —

Chief Scientist | Chief Architect | Senior Manager (CTO) | Manager
Served 17 years in various leadership / management positions supporting clients such as DoD, Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, NASA, and Boeing internal and commercial product development. Developed and led customer-facing and internal support high-performance teams/organizations to re-cast the role of IS/IT from “utility” provider of infrastructure and applications to a key business partner co-responsible for achieving business results and driving systematic, systemic data-driven performance optimization (process/quality improvement and innovation) and culture change. Served in various capacities such as Chief Scientist / Architect: Adv. Tech. | Systems Arch. & Integration | Data Resource Mgmt. | Info Resource Mgmt. | Repository & DB Technology; Senior Manager: Electronic Commerce / Computing & Network Operations | Architecture & Standards; and Manager: Systems Arch. & Integration | Common Data Services | Computing Graphics Technology. Served as vice chair and manager of internationalization of the ANSI X3H4 Information Resource Dictionary System (IRDS) Committee; international editor and author of ISO IRDS Framework Standard; and head of American delegation for integration of national and international programs concerning repository and database technology.

Dr. Jones has spent seven years of his career managing delivery systems and data center operations. Most recently he served as a Senior Manager of the Computing Network & Operations Airplane Operations / Components organization, leading a global labor base (120 direct and 65 indirect employees), and managing a direct asset base of approximately $20 million annually, a total asset base of $128 million per year, and a customer base of 55,000 end users worldwide. As the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Architect (Enterprise) to the Airplane Components / Operations CIO, he had the mission to use information technology to reduce the unit costs of airplane products, and increase the capacity and throughput of the business and manufacturing processes. Prior to that, he led the organizations that managed dedicated server farms and labs. In his early career he served as a Site Engineer and performed systems administration at the site data center, instructed users in use of CAD/CAM systems, and served as Level 1, 2, and 3 customer support engineer across a five product offering.


Dr. Jones is the developer of the "H-S-L Practice of Compassion." He is a spiritual leader and teacher — focused on the cultivation of wisdom, compassion, and skillful means in everyday life. He has been a Buddhist spiritual practitioner since 1966. He was initially baptized Catholic and deeply studied standard Church Doctrine and Christian Scripture — and was introduced to material from the Gnostic Gospels and the “Q” Gospel. In an effort to achieve greater understanding and compassion of people, particularly in terms of what caused them pain and suffering and hope, Dr. Jones has explored Vedic Scriptures, the Torah, the Talmud, The Zohar texts, the Koran, Greek philosophy, Taoism, Confucianism, modern philosophy, and modern psychology. These religious and philosophical studies have helped him to work more effectively across cultural boundaries. He has also lived in intentional communities for a total of twelve years — five years of which were in a 7x24 residential community.

Value Contribution Statement:
Dr. Jones works at the intersection of effectiveness (human relationships & information) and efficiency (process & technology) to optimize individual and organization value, performance, wellness, and contribution in ways that increase: social and economic effectiveness and efficiency ("Non-Profits" | Government | Communities); and/or social and economic profit leveraging {IPO | LBO | M&A | etc.} for "For-Profit" organizations.

His efforts result in — an increase in: social and economic profit for "For-Profits"; social and economic effectiveness and efficiency for "Non-Profits" | Government | Communities; Productivity (+ customer satisfaction | - defects | - costs | + delivery | + safety) regarding products and services; Innovation; Morale; Quality of Relationships; and Respect & Trust Levels; and a reduction in: Lost Work Days (sick leave | absenteeism); Overtime; Attrition; Accident Related Injury Rates; Complaints; Violent Behavior- hostility, rigidity, judgment, disturbance, sexual harassment, spouse & child abuse; and EAP Referrals.

Dr. Jones has over twenty-five years full-time employment experience leading information technology, information systems, and technology innovation and optimization efforts for multinational corporations and with the U.S. government. His contribution is his ability to provide vision and leadership for developing, implementing, and operating comprehensive and integrated information and process technology programs that support the research, engineering, business, and manufacturing operations of the enterprise. He has a keen since of discernment for: aligning research ideas with the strategic plans and capacities of the organization; and advocating for those ideas that have the greatest potential benefit, while deferring those ideas that may be challenging and exciting — but do not yet enhance organization performance and wellness, contribute to the execution of its mission, or accomplish its vision. He once established and ran a profit-center R&D lab for four years within a large corporation. The lab investigated and/or created commercial products in the areas AI-Expert Systems, robotics control systems, telecommunications protocol converters, directory systems, and database structure translators. His assignment was to: direct strategic decisions; manage innovation processes; measure innovation, research, and experimentation by its contribution to organization performance and wellness; and focus on technology as it applied to products, customers, revenues, and competitive positioning in the market. He developed strategic relationships with the major high-tech players.

Fundamentally Mark R. Jones is a master systems architect that uses informatics to conduct “Findings” investigations, and then assembles and manages teams to execute the resulting work. He has over thirteen years full-time employment experience serving in senior enterprise technologist positions — Chief Architect, Chief Enterprise Architect, and Chief Scientist — optimizing the use of technology in supporting R&D and operations, and determining, executing, and measuring the opportunities and effectiveness of technology on organizational vision, strategy, policy, business models, and performance. Most recently, he supported the DoD and DON to optimize business operations through information integration superiority, using dispersed, networked capabilities to deliver accurate critical information to the right people, at the right time, at the right place.

Dr. Jones was once invited to fix a critical production problem involving missed development and implementation schedules for a $2.6 billion re-engineering program. The culprit — late delivery of business processes, hardware, software, and software installation — was creating a $3 million per day loss. His mission was to fix the problem ASAP. As a result of his efforts of leading innovation, culture, and change management through the use of “Lean” and “Theory of Constraints” –based processes and practices, his organizations were able to: transform a 11,520 production hour per year loss into a 23,040 production hour savings — a 34,560 hour improvement valued at $125,000 per hour; book $772,800,000 in projected operations outage savings; and achieve $25,6500,000 net contribution per core team employee. These accomplishments represented an increase in Work Statement of 340%, but required only a 40% increase in actual labor to achieve. The resulting core innovations became standard enterprise-wide processes and tools.

Dr. Jones has spent twenty years of his career successfully leading and/or performing large-scale (enterprise-wide) systems development and integration. For example, he spent three years supporting a factory automation program — leading teams to design, develop, and implement automation infrastructure systems; a systems integration operational environment providing all "middle-ware" services; and common data services; he spent 18 months supporting a $2.6 billion enterprise-wide re-engineering program; and he spent three years supporting $300 million of DoD re-engineering and systems integration programs. In the past he worked in great detail with systems and software engineering methodologies and tools such as SEI CMM, SSDM, RUP, Fit-GAP, ERD, OOA, TOC, "SimProcess", etc. He also served for two years as a Senior Manager designing and overseeing a Company-wide Information Systems Architecture and Standards program responsible for managing 15 company-wide technical teams consisting of approximately 150 analysts, engineers, and technicians.

Candi S. Foon, MSM

Ms. Foon is a partner of The Sunyata Group, serving concurrently as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Sunyata Association (Public Charity). She is the Founder of Integral Wellness Services (IWS), a limited liability corporation focused on implementing “integral wellness” approaches for business, healthcare, and wellness industries.

  • M.Sc. Management | LIOS Interact Training
  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200, RYT 500)
  • Member of Yoga Alliance & International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)
  • Yoga Teacher for 15 years
  • Yoga Practitioner for 18 years
Ms. Foon has over 20 years teaching experience in the fitness, health and wellness industries; over 25 years corporate experience in retail management, sales, and administration; and over 30 years of spiritual practice. She offers consultations, programs, workshops, retreats, event hosting, convening facilitation, and public speaking to organizations.

Ms. Foon offers a breadth of lived-in experience in the areas of “front-line management”, employee, and operations experience. She has hourly, salaried, and contract work experience. Her mission is to optimize effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, compassion, and wellness in individuals, organizations and collectives.

Ms. Foon specializes in the design, delivery and implementation of integral wellness and compassion based programs and trainings to improve the quality of life, relationships, business processes and lifestyle practices of individuals, organizations and collectives. She assists in the alignment of human relationships and business processes to optimize effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, compassion and wellness. She provides support in the implementation of integral wellness and compassion based approaches at the individual, group and enterprise level — including strategic planning and operational activities.

She is experienced in community capacity building, and brings a compassionate presence and caring quality to all interpersonal relationships. She understands that fundamentally people want to be Heard, Seen, and Loved ("H-S-L"). Based on the "H-S-L Practice of Compassion", she is able to intervene in complex human relationships and affairs without arousing hostility — particularly between competing interests. She facilitates transition, change, transformation, and conflict resolution. She is able to raise the level of emotional safety among people; cultivate the capacity to hold multiple perspectives and perceptions, and enhance the development of highly effective teams, organizations and collectives.


Entrepreneurial business experience includes start-up development and operations of non-profits, a yoga studio, a wellness center, and serving as the program development consultant for the yoga program for the start-up of the Wellness Center for Swedish Medical Center (Issaquah). M.Sc. in Management from Antioch University Seattle with 1650+ hours professional training and certificates in leadership, health, fitness and wellness.

International and multicultural background and experience providing a broad perspective on issues, based on her experience, insights, and understanding — having lived, studied, and worked 18 years in Africa, 4 years in the UK, and 30+ years in the United States as a U.S. citizen. Graduate of United Way Project LEAD program — 20+ years experience serving on non-profit and for-profit boards and committees, and 30+ years experience serving in a formal volunteer capacity.

As a Wellness Consultant and Founder of Integral Wellness Services LLC — Design, develop, and deliver compassion-based stress management, injury prevention, self-care, health, fitness, and wellness programs from a whole-person | whole-system | whole-life cycle view using integrated practices and an inter-disciplinary approach. Past and present clients include hospitals, dental offices, wellness centers, Pilates studios, fitness facilities, sports clubs, community centers, for-profit and non-profit organizations, and private clients.

As a registered member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) — Certified to teach the Essential Low Back Program developed by Robin Rothenberg based on two studies using yoga therapy (funded by the NIH, and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2005 and 20011). Over 20,000 client hours in individual and group settings, and over 1500 hours of one-to-one client experience.

As an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT 200, RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance — Provide continuing education to other teachers, and act as a primary instructor of a 200-hour teacher-training program. A yoga practitioner since 1996 with a spiritual practice for 30+ years. Became certified to teach alignment (Iyengar-based) yoga in 2000. Offer private sessions, classes, and workshops in a caring, supportive, safe environment customized to accommodate individual ability, needs, injuries, and chronic health conditions. Classes include – all-levels vinyasa, gentle, chair yoga for seniors, therapeutic, restorative, nidra, breath work, and meditation practices.

As a Partner of the Sunyata Group — Ms. Foon applies her extensive leadership and facilitation experience as a co-convener and host of meetings, events, gatherings, and conferences. The Sunyata Group mission is - To live, work, and play in the inquiry: "What can be done better together than separately to increase the health and well-being of individuals, organizations and communities?" Her mission is to increase the health and well-being of people in systems through the practice and cultivation of awareness, mindfulness, discernment, compassion, skillful means, clarity, precision, and presence. Her cornerstone leadership values are compassion, creativity, joy, equanimity, and integrity. Her objective is to optimize individual and organization value and performance by discerning the connections between people, information and structures. This allows her to cultivate and maintain well-functioning webs of relationships with people and organizations — cross-pollinating people, ideas, and resources.

  • Masters of Science in Management from Antioch University Seattle (1996) — Experiential education and cohort-based learning
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Business & Economics from Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR USA (1984) — Honors include Sophomore Scholar (1981-1982), Dean’s List (1981)
1650+ Hours Professional Training & Certificates of Completion:
  • 170+ Hours Leadership:
    • 50 hours Pursuit & Advancement of Excellence Context Training Series Certificate of Completion (1990)
    • 48 hours Leadership Development Intensive Program (LDI) Certificate of Completion, Global Integrity Leadership Group (2005)
    • 40 hours United Way of King County Project LEAD Board Training Program (2005)
    • 20 hours InterAct: Skills for Adaptive Leadership Certificate of Completion, LIOS Graduate College of Saybrook University (2011)
    • 16 hours Creative Facilitation I: Express Yourself! Power of Hope (1999)
  • 1500+ Hours Health, Fitness, and Wellness:
    • ERYT 200, RYT 500 Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Member of Yoga Alliance & International Association of Yoga Therapists IAYT (2011)
    • 250 hours Sadhana Yoga Teacher Training Certification (1998-2000), Jo Leffingwell, Iyengar Certified, Director of Sadhana Yoga
    • 200 hours Pacific Yoga Teacher Training Certification + 50 Hours Teaching Apprenticeship (The Yoga Tree) (1998-2000), Theresa Elliott, Director of Teacher Training; Kathryn Payne, Founder; Jo Leffingwell, Practicum Advisor
    • 250 hours WABA Watsu Practitioner Certification, White Stone Retreat Center (1999-2000)
    • 200 hours Integrative Mind/Body/Spirit Practices Certificate of Completion, Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS) & Brenneke School of Massage (1998-1999)
    • 170 hours CPR/ AED and First Aid Training (1983-Present)
    • 51 hours CEC Basic & Intermediate Zen Shiatsu, Meridians for Body workers, Mind Body Energetics Institute (2000)
    • 38 hours CEC The Essential Low Back Program Teacher Training Certification, Robin Rothenberg, CYTh, Director of Essential Yoga Therapy (2013)
    • 32 hours Bally Total Fitness Basic Training Certificate of Completion (1997)
    • 25 hours YMCA Fitness Leaders Certification Levels I & II (1988, 1991)
    • 20 Hours CEU A New Way to Study Anatomy - The Biomechanics of a Sustainable Yoga Practice, Harvey Deutch, PT, Jen Mitchell, E-RYT 200, RYT 500, M. Ed., Director of Twist Yoga (2013)
    • 15 hours 1st Degree Reiki Training Certification, Reiki Healing Arts Center (1999)
    • 15 hours 2nd Degree Training Certification w/ Reiki Master Norma Jean Young (2003)
    • 11 hours CEC Somatic Unwinding, Karen Clay (2000)
    • 10 hours Healthcare Practitioners Principles & Practices of Integral Health and Healing, Dr. Elliott S. Dacher, M.D. (2006)
    • 6 hours CEU Releasing the Rotator Cuff - A Massage Therapy Perspective for Preventing Rotator Cuff Injury, Cross Country Education, Tracy Firsching, BA, LMT, NMT (2013)
    • 6 hours The Immune System: The Mind-Body Connection Certificate of Completion, The Institute for Brain Potential (2009)
    • 4 hours CEU’s Music & Movement, Exer-Safety Association (ESA) (1992)
  • Experienced Leader | Teacher | Presenter | Event Host | Convener | Facilitator | Mentor
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, professional, positive attitude, and commitment to excellence in service
  • Exemplary integrity, tact and confidentiality
  • Strong work ethic, excellent organizational, managerial, and administrative capabilities, and team player with the ability to co-lead and work collaboratively
  • Keen business sense for budgetary and cost control, and an exceptional ability to pay attention to detail and hold the broader vision
  • Clear, concise written and verbal communication, with empathetic listening skills
  • Resourceful problem solver with an ability to integrate and optimize processes to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity
  • Extraordinary social, emotional and cultural competency skills, and ability to create a supportive environment for cultivating skillful interactions and generative relationships.

Leadership and Community- Capacity Building Experience
  • Sunyata Group (Sunyata Association | Integral Wellness Services) of Renton, WA (2005-Present) serving in the roles of Partner | Convener | Host | Facilitator in support of public benefit activities, events, and conferences.
  • Project Partnerships (1990-Present) focused creating breakthroughs in individuals, organizations, and communities for greater effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, health and well-being
  • Solidarity Beloved Community Initiative (SBCI) (2009-2010) — Collaborated in planning, convening, hosting and facilitating monthly ongoing meetings to “workshop” projects based on the inquiry — “What can we do more efficiently and effectively together, than individually?” Responsibilities include documenting monthly meeting proceedings and outcomes in a “Wisdom Journal”
  • Compassionate Action Network Open Space Conference (2009) — Collaborated in planning, convening, hosting and facilitating a one-day event on "How Shall We Inspire and Support Compassionate Action in Ourselves, Our Communities, and Our World?"
  • Seattle Human Services Coalition Call to Caring Initiative (2009) — Collaborated in the planning and facilitation of a day-long community-wide discussion among non-profit service organizations about the “Call to Caring” Initiative
  • Center for Ethical Leadership — Leadership Design Charrette (2009) — Collaborated in planning, convening, hosting and facilitating a one-day event for industry sector leaders to seeking to identify – “What can be done together that can’t be done alone to make a difference in our collective outcomes around healthy communities. What kind of leadership is needed now to create the kind of communities we wish to live in?” Responsibilities included documenting proceedings and outcomes in a report
  • Leadership in a Self-Organizing World Open Space Conference (2009) — Collaborated in planning, convening, hosting and facilitating a four-day event on – “What do we mean by inspired leadership in self-organizing systems?”
  • Solidarity Project & Compassionate Action Network (2008-2009) — Collaborated in planning, convening, hosting and facilitating a series of leadership council community meetings to build solidarity and collective capacity to address challenges and engage in initiatives that support social, economic, environmental, and spiritual well-being.
  • Tahoma High School Challenge Day (2008) — Collaborated in facilitating two hundred high school students in a two-day experiential program to build connection and empathy in an environment where every child felt safe, loved, and celebrated.
  • Sustainable South Seattle Climate Action Lab (2008) — Collaborated in facilitating a one-day event hosted by Climate Dialogues to bring together local community members, environmental organizations and transportation experts to assist them in moving from dialog to action on the topics of transportation and climate change.
  • Seeds of Compassion (2008) — Collaborated in planning, creating, hosting and facilitating a five-day “Reflection Space” to address the need for individuals to process their experience during the event.
  • Children, Youth & Family Coalition Summit (2008) — Collaborated in planning and facilitating a one-day strategic planning event hosted by Seattle Human Services Coalition for member organizations in clarifying, goal-setting and implementation timelines
  • Storyfield Conference (2007) — Collaborated in planning, convening, hosting and facilitating a six-day pioneering interdisciplinary gathering of “cultural creatives” – storytellers, artists and experts, luminaries, artists, authors, etc. on "Invoking a New World through Story"
  • Voices of Children (2000) — Collaborated to provide strategic planning consultations to organization founder.
  • Spirited Work Community — Steward | Convener | Host | Facilitator | Committee & Community Member (2000-2005) — Collaborated in the strategic planning, coordination, convening and hosting of seasonal quarterly gatherings; as well as fundraising activities, and scholarship awards over a six year period.
  • Northwest Women’s Institute Strategic Planning Forum (1996) — Collaborated in a strategic planning discussion on – “How to leverage national and international organizations focused on women’s leadership in the 21st Century and global women’s initiatives to increase awareness”.
  • International Women’s Conference (1995) — Facilitated multicultural group dialogues at the three-day conference.
  • With Grace Training Foundation — Process Improvement Consultant (1995-1996) Served as a panel speaker, coached clients in the design of work development plans, conducted research to evaluate program effectiveness, analyzed and provided recommendations for improving efficiency of the organization — as a component of Antioch graduate thesis
  • Fare Start/ Common Meals— Process Improvement Consultant (1995) —
  • Collaborated in the design, marketing, operations & quality improvement plans to increase sales and visibility — a member of the Antioch graduate advisory team
  • Success Team Leader (1990-1994) — Convened, hosted and facilitated a “success” support group for four years. Responsibilities included recruiting, motivating, coaching and mentoring group members to achieve professional and personal goals.
Board & Committee Experience (1987-Present)
  • Sunyata Group Board of Directors (2005-Present) — An Officer of the Sunyata Group concurrently serving as the Chief Operating Offcier (COO) of the Sunyata Association (Public Charity).
  • PYE Global — Young Women Empowered (Y-WE) | Power of Hope — Young Women on the Rise (YWOTR) — 7-Month Leadership Program — Creative Advisory Board and Mentor (2010-2012) — Responsibilities include meeting with advisory board members at least four times a year to discuss strategic planning, program development, fundraising, and vision for the organization. Mentor and teach leadership through the arts, and self-care practices to enhance the well-being of teen girls aged 14-19.
  • Clean Greens Advisory Committee (2008) — Participated in support of Clean Greens Project sponsored by Black Dollar Days and New Hope Baptist Church.
  • Global Citizen Journey Outreach Committee Member (2005) — Collaborated in strategic planning and coordination of outreach activities to raise funds for projects.
  • Women’s Business Exchange Board of Directors Member, Committee Chair, Network Table Leader and Volunteer (1992-2004) — As Chair of Membership Services and Volunteer Network Committees successfully increased membership and volunteer participation. Collaborated in the planning and organizing of annual Volunteer Celebration, Membership Drive, National Make a Difference Day and WBE 25 Year Gala Celebration. Facilitated introductions, networking, and general announcements at monthly networking breakfast meetings. Provided inspirational readings and centering exercises at monthly meetings.
  • Antioch Organizational Systems Renewal Graduate Degree Committee (2003) — Participated as a Graduate Degree Committee Advisor to Will Hewitt in the completion of an M.A. in leading-edge organizational development focused on applying whole systems thinking to organizational change.
  • Nordstrom Diversity Affairs Committee Member (1996) — Collaborated in the promotion of diversity awareness and community outreach efforts.
  • Nordstrom United Way Fundraising Committee Member (1993, 1996) — Collaborated in the development of incentive programs to meet departmental targets and achieve fundraising goals.
Retail Management, Sales, and Administration Experience (1983-Present)
  • Senior Executive Administrative Assistant, Nordstrom, Seattle, WA (1997-1999) — Responsibilities included planning, coordinating, supervising, and executing administrative support functions for a department of approximately 80 employees and contractors, in addition to supporting other departments and managers. Performed a variety of office functions and assignments for co-presidents and corporate executives that required adaptability to change and the ability to think on one’s feet. Enhanced overall customer service and follow-through to personnel and employees by skillfully managing inter-departmental relationships and working collaboratively to pool resources for greater effectiveness. Streamlined the efficiency of invoice processing, month-end accruals, billing research and account reconciliation.
  • Human Resource Health Benefits Coordinator, Nordstrom, Seattle, WA (1993-1997) — Responsible for accuracy and efficiency in delivery of $1.2 million in monthly premium payments to various healthcare providers. Increased claims resolution and enhanced customer service by improving communication processes.
  • Retail Management & Sales, Nordstrom, Seattle, WA (1987-1993) — Manager responsibilities included hiring, firing, scheduling, time-cards, and managing sales staff with goals of $1,500 per day. Trained, motivated and supported high performance sales team for increased sales and improved morale. Designed in-store promotions to increase business and created contests to motivate sales force. Responsible for sale set-up, take-down, inventory levels, comparative price shopping, accounting journals, merchandise displays, department upkeep and appearance, efficient running of department, and excellent customer service.
  • Account Executive, Pace Employment Inc., Seattle, WA (1987) — Assessed client business needs, researched and evaluated applicants, to determine best fit. Solicited new business by phone and through referrals. Negotiated placement fees.
  • Field Sales Representative, Coordinated-Planning Associates, Seattle, WA (1986-1987) — Marketed a savings retirement plan door-to-door, trained, motivated, and supported a sales team on client calls, handling objections and closing. Responsible for follow-up, ensuring customer satisfaction, and developing additional business through cold call leads and referrals.
  • Retail Management & Sales, UK & USA (1983-1985) — Assistant Manager Designer Clothing, Dickens & Jones (1985); Monet Jewelry Counter Manager, Debenhams (1985-1986); Boutique Manager Cojana International Ltd., Selfridges (1984-1985); Sales Associate, Fredrick & Nelson (1987), Fashion Update Boutique (1983-1984), Nordstrom (1983), Meier & Frank (1983) — Held a variety of retail sales and management positions in designer clothing and jewelry. Manager responsibilities included staff supervision, inventory, pricing, display, transactions, sales targets, and customer relations. Created closer more effective sales teams resulting in increased sales and improved morale.
  • Receptionist | Assistant Manicurist, Souheil’s Beauty Salon, The Gambia, West Africa (1977) — Responsibilities included scheduling appointments, greeting patrons, beauty product sales, and salon upkeep.
Teaching | Program Development | Entrepreneurial Business Experience (1983-Present)
  • Wellness Consultant & Founder, Integral Wellness Services LLC, Renton, WA (2004-Present) — Develop, implement, and administer compassion-based stress-management, self-care, health, fitness, and wellness programs from a whole-person (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) | whole-system | whole-life cycle view — to increase the health, well-being, quality of life, and lifestyle practices of individuals, organizations and communities.
  • Swedish Medical Center, Issaquah, WA | Program Development Consultant (2011) — 3-month contract to set-up yoga and wellness program on-site at new facility. Responsibilities and deliverables included recruiting, interviewing, negotiating instructor compensation; organizing coverage for grand opening events, orientation of the new facility; creating master class schedule, descriptions, pricing, marketing materials, and yoga equipment supply order.
  • Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200, RYT 500) | Registered Member of Yoga Alliance & International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) | Wellness Practitioner, Seattle, WA (1998-Present) — 15 years experience working in each of these capacities. As a registered E-RYT 200, RYT 500 can provide continuing education to other teachers, and act as a primary instructor of a 200-hour teacher-training program. Provide integrated practices using an inter-disciplinary approach to stress-management, self-care, health, fitness, and wellness. Offer private sessions, group classes, and workshops in a gentle, caring, supportive, safe environment customized to accommodate individual ability, needs, and chronic conditions. As a wellness practitioner have over 20,000 hours experience working in group settings, and over 1500 hours of one-on-one client experience with a wide range in age (12 - 90+), ability, and chronic conditions. Private and group classes are Alignment (Iyengar-based), and include– All-levels flow (vinyasa), gentle, chair yoga for seniors, therapeutic, restorative, nidra, breath work, and meditation practices. Present and past clients include Overlake Hospital Bellevue, Greater Maple Valley Community Center, Yoga Bliss, Urban Oasis, Bodycenter Pilates, Swedish Medical Center Issaquah, Dreamclinic, Thrive Community Fitness, Yoga Barn, and Fern Life Center. Personal network of supporting advisors include: Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctor, Nurses, Licensed Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Psychologists, Yoga Therapists, Yoga Teachers and Teacher Trainers; Watsu, Reiki , and Bowen Work Practitioners; and Personal Trainers.
  • Karuna Yoga Studio | Metta Yoga Wellness Center, Seattle, WA (2002-2004) — Established, managed, and operated a yoga studio and wellness center offering — private sessions, group classes, and workshops using an inter-disciplinary approach drawing from a variety of health, fitness, and wellness practices.
  • Kaya Yoga | Luminaries | Life Mastery Center | Candi Foon Enterprises, Seattle, WA (2001-2002) — Worked as a formal employee, and independent-contractor teaching weekly group classes in yoga, strength conditioning, and restorative mind-body-spirit practices.
  • Candidance (1997-1998) Seattle, WA — Offered classes, and workshops that integrated dance movement, and mind-body-spirit practices.
  • Certified Aerobics Fitness Instructor, Seattle Metro YMCA; First Interstate Bank Fitness Center, Seattle, WA; Hillsboro Club, Hillsboro, OR (1983-1997) — Led classes in high-low impact, step and water aerobics, slide, ski fitness, stretch and strength conditioning in a safe workout environment with great music, and fun creative choreography.
Wellness Presentations | Public Benefit Activities | Workshops | Programs (1978-Present)
  • Bellevue Badminton Club and Seatac Community Center 2010 — Collaborated in delivering a 3-hour Badminton Fitness & Injury Prevention Seminar — A Whole-Person Approach to Lifelong Fitness, Health & Wellness
  • Exercise Science Center of Tacoma 2010 — Collaborated in delivering a 2½-hour Fitness & Yoga Workshop — A Whole-Person Approach to Lifelong Fitness, Health & Wellness
  • Northshore Shoreline Community Network C.A.R.E. (Cultural Awareness Resources and Enrichment) Team 2009 — Facilitated a 2½-hour conversation on “Taking Care of Ourselves and Each Other”
  • Volunteer Centers of Washington, United Way of King County 2007 — Delivered a 1-hour Workshop on Reducing Burnout & Enhancing Self-Care to non-profit organizations where individuals tend to put themselves last - after volunteers, board members, staff, and family. The workshop provided some key self-care practices to incorporate into daily lifestyle and work life.
  • New Futures 2007 — Delivered a 2-hour Workshop on Reducing Burnout & Enhancing Self-Care to a Human Services organization.
  • Highline Community College Outreach Center for Learning Connections, Non-Profit Staff Development Coalition (NPSDC) 2007 — Delivered an 8-hour workshop on Restoring the Healing Heart — an integral wellness approach to reducing burnout, enhancing self-care and reconnecting to a sense of purpose — for healthcare professionals, human services providers, educators, and the general public.
  • T-Mobile Learning & Development Summit 2006 — Delivered a 3-hour Professional Career Development Visioning Workshop — an integral wellness approach and techniques for redefining vocational vision, purpose, roles, and goals.
  • Pemco Insurance 2005 — Delivered a series of 3-hour Workshops on Stress Reduction, Nutrition, and Workforce Transition Stress Reduction
  • Watsu Practitioners Workshop 2005 — Delivered a 3 ½ hour Self-Care Practices Workshop to address industry specific issues to relieve neck, shoulder, and back tension, and provided simple useful preventative tools that could be integrated into the everyday work life of Watsu practitioners.
  • Washington Dental Conference Presentation 2005; South Shore Dental Hygiene Study Club Workshop Series 2004 — Delivered hour-long custom-designed presentations on Dental Industry Self-Care Practices — to address growing health related issues specific to the dental industry such as neck and shoulders, back, and wrist problems. Provided simple useful preventative tools that could be integrated into the everyday work life of dentists and dental hygienists. Also provided stress reduction techniques to relieve neck and shoulder tension, and carpel-tunnel syndrome, and to increase well-being.
  • Seattle Center Foundation 2003-2004 — Delivered 61 hours instruction for Yoga Workshop Series to Reduce Stress and Enhance Well-being during an eight-month major capital campaign fund-raising event.
  • Seattle Parks Foundation 2003 — Delivered an 8-month Yoga Workshop Series to Reduce Stress and Enhance Well-being during capital campaign development.
  • Weyerhaeuser Realty Investors 2002 — Delivered a Presentation on Stress Reduction & Self-Care — for increased well-being and workplace effectiveness.
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee 2002 — Delivered a 10½ hour Yoga Workshop Series for Stress Reduction and Enhanced Well-being to IT professionals.
  • Seattle Young Peoples Project Summer Camp Yoga Workshop 2002 — Improvised a fun lively yoga workshop to enhance the well-being of girls aged 8-18.
  • Power of Hope Summer Camp Group Leader 2002 — Provided mentorship, motivation, coaching, and troubleshooting; group facilitation /supervision of dialogue & reflection, and creative expression; and self-care classes to enhance the well-being of teens aged 14-18
  • Millennium Resources Inc. — Leading with Dignity Conference 2001 — Delivered a Yoga Workshop on Stress Reduction and Enhancing Well-being — to a group of management executives.
  • American Society of Women Accountants Conference Keynote Speaker (1993) — Delivered an Image Development Presentation on “Dressing for Success through Thrift and Consignment Shopping” — to 150 women accountants.
  • United World College of the Atlantic Beach Search & Rescue Team Member; Social Work Volunteer & Recreational Aide 1978-1980 — Participated in beach search and rescue efforts for the local Welsh community; assisted in weekly therapy sessions for a child with cystic fibrosis; taught and supervised disadvantaged children in games, canoeing, swimming, snorkeling, and hiking trips.

Anne E. Stadler

Ms. Stadler is a partner of The Sunyata Group, serving as the Chief Relationships Advisor (CRA) for all of the Sunyata for-profit and non-profit entities and initiatives. In that capacity, she cultivates the network of personal relationships that provide acess to the people and resources required for the Sunyata entities to carry out their missions. Ms. Stadler is also a board member of the Sunyata Association (Public Charity).

Anne Stadler is a Seattle-based consultant, mentor, sponsor, guide, and Wisdom Elder. She works tirelessly to create a world that meets the basic human, material, and natural needs for all, through developing the social and economic capacity to serve the underserved in ways that engage and support the well-being of all.

She has worked with a wide range of organizations, including: major corporations, philanthropic foundations, non-profit organizations, educational and research institutions, arts organizations, and learning communities.

Anne is an award-winning television producer, generating documentaries and special programs that illuminated community issues and were produced in collaboration with community leaders. She has worked for years as a founder and community organizer, including founding of a broadly based coalition to end war. She was a Founder of Spirited Work Learning Community of Practice — focused on increasing individual and collective leadership capacity, and linking conscious evolution with practical action. She is a co-founder of Friends of Third Place Commons, Peacetrees Vietnam, and Solidarity, a new effort to support Green Jobs for All.

Anne is an expert practitioner of individual and collective wisdom development processes such as Open Space Technology (OST), Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Fluent Communication, as well as other forms that open space for practical co-creative activity and compassion.

Anne’s visible contributions to the world can be characterized as three distinct phases of her life:

From 1960 to 1971
As a Founder and organizer of local, national and international peace efforts involving non-profit groups who had fostering peace as part of their mission (unions, churches, educational groups, service groups such as Rotary International, and peace organizations).

From 1973 to 1990
As a multi-award winning Public Affairs and Specials Producer at KING-TV 5 (NBC affiliate), Using Appreciative Inquiry (although I didn’t know it as such!!) to tell the stories of people who were generating miracles in their lives.

From 1990 to Present
As a consultant and mentor working with individuals, groups, and organizations to help them discern and achieve their highest aspirations regarding: environmental | ecological sustainability, social justice, economic generativity, and compassionate spirituality-in-action. She teaches them to thrive in a changing environment, learn thorough conflicts, value diversity, and expand productive capacity.

She enjoys every minute of life with her family (four children, and nine grandchildren), friends, colleagues, strangers, and the natural world.

Anne believes, and acts on her belief that: “Everyone is a potential great leader”

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