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The The Sunyata Group bloggers are Mark R. Jones and Candi S. Foon.

Mark R. Jones

Mark R. Jones (Ph.D. Candidate) is the CEO of The Sunyata Group for-profit and non-profit entities. He is also Director (Department Chair) and Faculty of the LIOS Leadership & Organization Development program at Saybrook University. As a researcher and educator, Professor Jones’ area of expertise is the psychology of leadership — the study and application of emotional-social-cultural-cognitive-organizational competencies to "wicked-problems" such as extinction-level issues (natural, industrial-technological, and misanthropic crises) and performance improvement (quality/process and adult learning optimization) issues. He has over 10 years international work experience and has facilitated over 1000 events (meetings, workshops, and conferences) that optimize personal and/or organizational development since 1983.

Blog: Mark R. Jones

Candi S. Foon

Ms. Foon is a partner of The Sunyata Group, serving concurrently as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Sunyata Association (Public Charity). She is the Founder of Integral Wellness Services (IWS), a limited liability corporation focused on implementing “integral wellness” approaches for business, healthcare, and wellness industries. As a Partner of the Sunyata Group — Ms. Foon applies her extensive leadership and facilitation experience as a co-convener and host of meetings, events, gatherings, and conferences. The Sunyata Group mission is - To live, work, and play in the inquiry: "What can be done better together than separately to increase the health and wellbeing of individuals, organizations and communities?" Her mission is to increase the health and well-being of people in systems through the practice and cultivation of awareness, mindfulness, discernment, compassion, skillful means, clarity, precision, and presence. Her cornerstone leadership values are compassion, creativity, joy, equanimity, and integrity. Her objective is to optimize individual and organization value and performance by discerning the connections between people, information and structures. This allows her to cultivate and maintain well-functioning webs of relationships with people and organizations — cross-pollinating people, ideas, and resources.

Blog: Candi S. Foon

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