The mission of the Sunyata Group is to reduce suffering and increase joy in the world by focusing on wellness and leadership competencies at intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, team, and organization systems levels. This is particularly important now, because we live in a time where very significant local and global problems are negatively impacting more and more aspects of our lives — interconnected economies, interconnected ecosystems and environments, and interconnected communities.

The Sunyata Group researches, develops, and deploys innovative wellness and leadership solutions that are at least as big as the problems we face. We cultivate human relationships where each individual and collective intention and action is a positive and effective manifestation of wise, compassionate, and skillful behavior that serves the well being of the individual ans the common good. We believe in the power of the cultivation of multiple intelligences, multiple perspectives, multiple perceptions, and multiple narratives (story-fields) — to positively forward the evolution of human consciousness. It is our hope that by collectively working at the edge of the evolution of human consciousness, we can emerge creative solutions and greater strength of purpose and resiliency.

We strive to discover and promote a true value proposition for each Stakeholder — something that is based on having their needs met most effectively and efficiently by working together in “Solidarity”, with a community-centered focus, and with compassion as the “business practice”.

Integral Leadership Group (ILG)

Integral Wellness Services (IWS)

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