The approach of the Sunyata Group is based on the fundamental belief that everyone wants and needs to be Heard, Seen, and Loved (H-S-L). This belief is practiced through “Six Wisdom Principles of Human Relationships”:
  1. “Consciousness" (Awareness-of-Awareness | Self-Awareness | Discernment | Differentiated Attunement) is the vehicle of human development
  2. “Compassion" (Unconditional Love | Authentic Presence | Skillful Means) is the essential foundational process for reducing suffering and increasing joy by addressing personal, interpersonal, and organizational trauma
  3. "Whole-Person" (Physical Sensations | Emotional Feelings | Cognitive Thoughts | Spiritual State) is the focus of integral wellness and leadership development systems (Symmetric Conditioning | Asymmetric Conditioning | Symmetric Sequencing | Asymmetric Sequencing | Action-Recovery Systems | Strengthening-Stretching Systems | Activation-Release Systems)
  4. "Whole-System” (Multiple Perspectives | Multiple Intelligences | Multiple Cultures | Multiple Stakeholders | Multiple Pattern Languages) is the primary diagnostic, intervention, and follow-up orientation for identifying and addressing the barriers to healthy relationships such as family of origin (FOO) and cultural of origin (COO) conditioning in the form of “shoulds”, declared and undeclared stands, and unchallenged assumptions about self, others, and organization systems
  5. “Community" (Relationships | Interconnectedness) is the most resilient foundation for addressing extinction-level wicked problems and/or critical issues — living, working, and playing in the inquiry: “What becomes possible, and can be done better together — than can be accomplished separately to manifest optimal leadership, health, and wellness in individuals, organizations, and communities?
  6. "Whole-Life-Cycle" (Birth-to-Death Continuity) is the primary framework for measuring the leadership and wellness of an individual, group, team, or organization — in terms of the amount of joy being experienced in any phase of the lifecycle

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