Founded in 2002, The Sunyata Group works in the intersection of effectiveness (human relationships & information) and efficiency (process & technology) to optimize individual and organization value, performance, wellness, and contribution.

The Sunyata Group provides products and services in the areas of integral wellness and integral leadership — to manifest generative and healthy individuals, groups, teams, organizations, and communities. It exercises business and political savvy to apply insights regarding green economy optimization services (GEOS) to: initiate, analyze, design, develop, support, and/or deliver programs, projects, consultations, services, and products to address extinction-level issues, high-leverage, and/or high-impact problems such as — global climate change, pandemics, basic healthcare and wellness, warfare, famine, obesity, potable water shortage, aging populations, energy crises, ecosystem degradation, pollution, etc.

The Sunyata Group consists of two non-profit organizations (Sunyata Foundation and Sunyata Association), and two for-profit organization (Sunyata Agency Inc. and Integral Wellness Services) in collaborate with partner organizations and individual consultants.

The for-profit organizations optimize social and economic profit leveraging {IPO | LBO | M&A | etc.} by providing management, integration, operations, and wellness services to government and commercial organizations — serving as strategic thinking partners addressing performance optimization and audit issues; organizational leadership, policy, practice, systems, and delivery; and systems integration. Services include: operations and process optimization consultation and execution; research and informatics services; management coaching and mentoring; personal, organizational, and leadership development and transformation; and health and wellness consultation, and program design and execution.

The non-profit organizations optimize social and economic effectiveness and efficiency by providing “strategic thinking partners” to initiate, plan, participate in, respond to, deliver, follow-up, and/or fund-raise for — not-for-profit public benefit educational programs, projects, workshops, community meetings, talks, consultations, services, and/or products to address extinction-level issues and solutions.

The Sunyata Association and the Sunyata Foundation are tax-exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. The Sunyata Association is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity {IRS DLN: 17053349021046}; and the Sunyata Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Private Foundation {IRS DLN: 17053362066026}.

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