Sunyata Group H-S-L Practice of Compassion

All people want and need to be Heard, Seen and Loved (H-S-L) — in that order. When the “H-S-L” need is thwarted — mischief occurs, and we experience suffering (anxiety, discontent, . . . ) as signaled by fear and reacted to as forms of anger.


The Sunyata Group operates in the domains of Integral Leadership and Integral Wellness. Integral Leadership focuses on the intersection of Leadership Psychology (leadership psychology, applied behavioral systems, cognitive systems psychology, family systems psychology, and organizational psychology), Organizational Health (systemic resilience, high-performance teams, creativity, and thriving and sustainable systems), and Operational Excellence (business process results, process/quality optimization, and innovation). The focus on this intersection is designed to inspire and cultivate Personal Mastery (vibrant, resonant awareness and systemic wellness), Organizational Mastery (resilient, sustainable organizational systems and results), and Systemic Creativity (interconnectivity, play, prototyping, and innovation). Integral Wellness focuses on the intersection of Effectiveness (human relationships & information) and Efficiency (process & technology) to optimize individual and organizational wellness in terms of physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual health as measured by performance, compassion, and joy.

The Sunyata Group conducts research and intervention programs that address extinction level, and critical business and cultural issues (“wicked problems”) — with an emphasis on leadership development, transformative technology, and health and wellness. Sunyata Group projects study, apply, lead, and teach the personal and organizational competencies, practices, and repeatable processes required for individuals and organizations to become resilient (readiness-for-change) and successful as measured by physical-emotional-social-cultural-cognitive-organizational (PESCCO) and Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award-based (MBNQA) assessments. The primary analytic strategy is adaptive design approach (inferior treatment groups) employing mixed methods designs using qualitative context and content analysis techniques, and quantitative clustering and classification techniques such as Binary Logistic Regression Analyses, ANOVA, Repeated Measures ANOVA, Multiple Regression Analyses, Discriminant Analyses, Decision Tree Classification Analyses, Bayesian Analyses, and Scale Equivalency Testing.

The Sunyata Group Holistic Integrated Mastery Program (HIMP) focuses on leadership psychology and high-performance teams, individual and organizational health and resilience, and organizational operational excellence and innovation to develop sustainable emotional-social-cultural-cognitive-organizational health and wellness ⎯ holistic and integrated mastery. The HIMP research program discovers, researches, assesses, and prototypes human behavioral changes essential for counteracting the unconscious, conditioned, and/or unexamined behaviors that contribute to the emergence and evolution of human-caused extinction-level issues, high-leverage, and/or high-impact problems. It initiates, analyzes, designs, develops, supports, and/or delivers behavioral change intervention projects by assembling holistic mastery processes for developing physical-emotional-social-cultural-cognitive-organizational (PESCCO) competencies through practical, sustainable behavioral change training solution prototypes, consultations, and coaching and mentoring services. The HIMP research program project measures are: Quantitative Research Measures (Behavioral Competencies); Qualitative Experience Measures (Teaching & Learning Experiences); and Content and Delivery Effectiveness Measures (Post-Mortems).

The HIMP research program develops and manages a portfolio of “relation-centered” transformational projects that are intended to develop optimal physical and emotional-social-cultural-cognitive-organizational (ESCCO) outcomes. The “relation-centered” engagement strategy focuses on mastery development participants that are directly impacted by the transformational projects. It supports their active involvement in decision-making — particularly regarding individual and group-level behavioral interventions, norms, and outcomes. The characteristics of the relation-centered engagement approach are that it is respectful of and responsive to both individual and group preferences, needs, and values, and ensures that participants' values guide all intervention decisions. The experience of relation-centered engagement is one of transparency, individualization within multiple group/cultural identities, recognition, respect, dignity, agency, involvement in behavioral intervention policies, access and support, and information. This relation-centered research focuses on improving outcomes, satisfaction rates, and participant-researcher interactions by developing and employing measurable emotional-social-cultural-cognitive-organizational behavioral skills.

The current HIMP team roster includes polymaths, current and former US Olympian and/or National Team members, and military and education experts. The HIMP also interfaces with Sunyata Group health and wellness research and intervention programs that have developed frameworks, architectures, and behavioral dynamics models to explain critical issues and improve healthcare and social wellness system in North America, Europe, and India. These efforts led to an invitation by Nobel Laureate Dr. Lee Hartwell to participate in the 2007 Pacific Health Summit. New wellness research is being initiated to investigate the efficacy of adaptive therapeutic yoga combined with community-building for improving quality-of-life of geriatric, chronic pain, and disabled sample populations.

We believe in the power of the cultivation of multiple intelligences, multiple perspectives, multiple perceptions, and multiple trace memories — to positively forward the evolution of human consciousness. It is our hope that by collectively working at the edge of the evolution of human consciousness, we can emerge creative solutions and greater strength of purpose.

We believe that a global economy must be based on the latest organizational development tools including whole systems design and meetings that encourage participation by the rules of gracious space and compassionate behavior.

An underlying principle for our work is the centrality of the “Community” for addressing extinction-level and/or critical issues — particularly around the areas of social justice, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability.

Another underlying principle for this work is the use of “Compassion” as the foundation for our relationships and our work.

Our final underlying principle for this work is that we discover and promote a true value proposition for each Stakeholder in this endeavor — something that is based on having their needs met most effectively and efficiently by working together in “Solidarity”, with a community-centered focus, and with compassion as the “business practice”.

This is news space is an invitation for you to experience some of the kind of interactions that we are imagining and to enlist collective wisdom for our endeavor. We have designed programs that include relationship building, self-organizing, and wisdom sharing.

What issues, from your perspective, are important and have some readiness and would benefit from compassionate support from people in other sectors?

We hope you will join us in this work . . .

The Sunyata Group provides products and services in the areas of integral wellness and integral leadership to manifest generative and healthy individuals, organizations, and communities. It exercises business and political savvy to apply insights regarding green economy optimization services (GEOS) to: initiate, analyze, design, develop, support, and/or deliver programs, projects, consultations, services, and products to address extinction-level issues, high-leverage, and/or high-impact problems such as — global climate change, pandemics, basic healthcare and wellness, warfare, famine, obesity, potable water shortage, aging populations, energy crises, ecosystem degradation, pollution, etc.

Sunyata Group H-R-O Practice of Wellness
“Integral Wellness

Health Resource Optiization (H-R-O) lies at the intersection of well-being and well-doing — providing whole-person and whole-system wellness coaching, teaching, facilitation, and application.

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